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Ways To Say “I Love You” That Mean A Lot

Whether you’re in the midst of planning your wedding or you’ve said your ‘I do’s’ and are enjoying the newlywed stage, you may find that you and your SO haven’t had much time to say those three little words that mean so much: I love you. The hustle and bustle of everyday life just get in the way. It’s just nice to be reminded. So, instead of saying it (or hiring a skywriter to put it into words for you), here are some cute and clever little ways to let your love know just how MUCH you love them.
Stick a note on the mirror. Before you go to bed, or while your partner is in the shower, leave a love note on the bathroom mirror. You can write it on a sticky note and hang it on the mirror or write it directly in the steam. The note can be a short and sweet ‘I love you’, or you can write out something a little more sentimental, like, ‘The best is yet to be,’ or, ‘Can’t get you out of my head.’ Your partner will definitely start the day off with a smile!
Say it with a text. Ah, the digital age has made it easy to do so many things, including saying those three little words. At any point during the day, grab your phone and send your fiancé or new spouse a text message full of sweet nothings. Try sending the message during a part of the day when you know he or she is stressed out; right before or after a meeting, or right when they get to the office after a long morning commute.
A car filled with balloons! While your partner’s car is parked and their nowhere in sight, fill up the car up with a bunch of balloons. Inflate the balloons with helium or with oxygen, draw some hearts and write out “I love you” on them. When your partner goes to their car, they’ll be excited to receive your message of love. Just don’t get offended if they need to pop the cute message before driving home…
Put it in the mail. There is something so romantic about receiving a love letter the old fashioned way. Take a few minutes to pen how much you love your mate, spray the paper with your perfume/cologne, stick it in an envelope and seal it with a kiss. Even if you live together, you can still put it in the mailbox so your partner gets it via the mailman. Not only will the letter brighten their day, but it will serve as a sweet keepsake that your partner can look back at years from now to recall your feelings of love.
Even though your other half knows how much you love him or her, sometimes you really do need to take the time to say it. Give these simple ways of proclaiming your love a try and watch what a huge impact they will have on your relationship!

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