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Mystical Entertainment Sets The New Standard For LGBT Wedding Entertainment in NYC

Event planner and wedding entertainment professional, Michael Marquez aims to create a welcoming market for LGBT weddings in NYC.


( — April 10, 2015) New York, New York — Michael Marquez, General Manager of Mystical Entertainment Group has recently completed a certification course with The Gay Wedding Institute to become a certified LGBT wedding specialist! With nearly a decade of experience in the wedding and event entertainment industry, Mr. Marquez is using his expertise and newfound knowledge to create a welcoming, inclusive, and understanding atmosphere for same sex and LGBT couples in New York and New Jersey.

“I want clients and couples, who identify as LGBT, to not feel like a segment or niche but like any other couple. People in our industry need to understand that these couples have to “come out” on a daily basis. When booking a venue, florist, photographer etc., they need to constantly have to explain their situation and sexual orientation; many times with negative results! When people walk into Mystical Entertainment Group or ME NYC I want them to feel like they are being treated exactly how they should be, like two people who are in love and want to celebrate their love together and nothing else” said Mr. Marquez.

In June of 2011, the state of New York legally recognized same sex marriages with New Jersey following suit in October of 2013. This opened up an entire new market for wedding vendors but especially entertainment. Seeing this opportunity, Mr. Marquez began taking the steps to actively market to this growing segment. In September of 2014, while attending the Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas, Mr. Marquez was introduced to Bernadette Smith, LGBT wedding planner and founder of The Gay Wedding Institute. After speaking with Bernadette, Mr. Marquez knew that the Gay Wedding Certification Course was the missing piece needed to be able to completely cater to LGBT weddings in NYC and NJ.

“I’ve done same-sex weddings before and have sat with many LGBT couples.” Explains Mr. Marquez, “Initially, I found the terminology and flow of the sales process and even the wedding itself to be very different from heterosexual couples. Terms such as bride, groom, and bridal simply did not apply. After meeting Bernadette in Vegas I knew that taking her course would help me solidify my knowledge and understanding of LGBT events.”

The certification course lasted nearly a month and covered topics from terms, wedding do’s and don’ts, differences in heterosexual and LGBT weddings, marriage equality laws, and so much more! This certification only adds to Mystical Entertainment Group’s growing list of awards and accolades. From winning’s “Best of Weddings” award 6 years running, Wedding Wire’s “Brides Choice Award” 7 years running and also being recently inducted into The Knot’s wedding vendor Hall of Fame, Mystical Entertainment has long cemented their reputation as the leader in wedding and event entertainment for the tri-state area!

Mr. Marquez wanted to gain the knowledge and understanding to accommodate LGBT couples without being patronizing or seem like they’re “trying too hard.”

You can catch Mystical Entertainment NY (ME) at the best event banquet halls New York City has to offer including, Terrace On The Park, Chelsea Piers, Crest Hollow Country Club, The Mandarin Hotel, Soho Grand, Trump, Astoria Complex Catering, Wined up NYC, and Yachts for all seasons. By visiting ME NYC at one of their action packed events this year you will see firsthand how they keep in mind the goal of accommodating LGBT clients and making them feel welcomed and comfortable with our staff and our services.

If you are a same sex couple or a couple that identifies as LGBT and are getting married in the Tri-State area, then Mystical Entertainment Group and ME NYC are a must call!

Every nook and cranny is thoroughly planned out – even the tiniest detail will not go unnoticed. Wedding receptions, Corporate Events, Proms, sweet 16s, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are just a taste of what Mystical Entertainment Group does. Mystical Entertainment Group’s DJs and Emcees cater to your needs- no matter the audience, age, event, culture, and now your orientation; this company will deliver. Clients always take center stage as Mystical Entertainment Group has succeeded because of the sincere relationships built with their clients. Clients are like family and we value their business, loyalty and referrals.